Debris Removal

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Emergency Debris Removal response

FCS Restoration provides cleanout services to remove unwanted items and other detritus from a structure. This may include chemicals, unknown substances, and hazardous materials. Our teams are also available to clear and remove yard and storm debris. 

Junk Removal

Homeowners often accumulate items through hobbies and other activities and store these items around their properties. While they are not hoarding items, they will accumulate. When it is too much, FCS Restoration provides the manpower to remove unwanted items, sometimes very large, to make way for other projects, such as new construction. We provide junk removal services for both industry and private property owners.

If chemicals or hazardous materials (Hazmat) are discovered, FCS Restoration has the capability to remove and safely dispose of these products. While this is not a common occurrence, it does happen in private residential areas. FCS Restoration has access to trained and experienced professionals for this type of junk removal.

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Request restoration service anytime. This form is monitored for faster service 24 hours and seven days per week.

Storm Debris Cleanup

After a major storm, FCS Restoration teams are available to clear and remove yard and storm debris. Often city services are overwhelmed with yard and storm debris removal. FCS Restoration can remove storm debris from a property quickly and allow homeowners to focus on other property needs faster.

FCS Restoration coordinates with the homeowner if they need debris removal or a crew to assist with the removal of tree limbs and other large debris. We arrive, perform yard cleanup, and haul the debris away.

return home faster

We make our deadlines. Many storm repair contractors expect prepayment prior to work. Unfortunately, many insurance companies only pay when the work is completed. This leads to payment delays between the storm damage contractors and the insurance company. Delays keep the homeowner from returning home. FCS Restoration is financially strong enough to carry construction costs until all work is completed and submitted for final payment. FCS understands the paperwork required by the insurance companies. This allows our homeowners to return home faster, usually by the project deadline.

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FCS Restoration provides homeowners total property recovery and project management from start of finish. Insurance claims are processed fast and while providing homeowners junk and storm debris removal. FCS Restoration is a division of FCS, Inc., which includes FCS Janitorial Services  and FCS Industrial Solutions. FCS, Inc. is a licensed, insured, Avetta Certified, and an ISNetworld Certified building service contractor. We use Xactimate for all estimates to insurance providers. FCS, Inc. is a VA Class A Contractor, #2705167209. For immediate service with debris removal, please call the FCS Restoration team at 434-960-2846 or connect 24/7 with our Request Service form.