Water Damage Restoration

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Emergency Restoration Response

Emergency water damage restoration begins the fast removal of water and the drying of the structure. Sitting water has great potential to create mold, mildew, and rot (link to mold page) in a structure, which compounds recovery efforts and increases repair expenses. FCS Restoration provides water damage clean up and repair. The FCS emergency water removal team moves quickly to empty and dry a structure of water to prevent mold, secure the structure, and begin water damage restoration.

Emergency Water Removal

What can you expect? When the FCS Restoration crew arrives, they will begin emergency water removal with pumps, mops, and by opening drains. Industrial fans and other equipment are used to dry. If a plumber is needed to fix broken plumbing, then one will be called to repair the plumbing. If flood damage (link) is the issue, then the water surrounding the structure must recede before water removal begins. The total amount of water in a structure determines the time needed until water damage repair can begin. Water removal should begin as soon as safely possible.

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Insurance Experts

We make our deadlines. Many water damage restoration companies expect prepayment prior to work. Unfortunately, many insurance companies only pay when the work is completed. This leads to payment delays between the water cleanup company and the insurance company. Delays keep the homeowner from returning home. FCS Restoration is financially large enough to carry construction costs until all work is submitted for final payment, and FCS understands the paperwork required by the insurance companies. Our homeowners return home faster, usually by the project deadline.

Water Damage Restoration Service

After water removal, the FCS Restoration team will assess the water damage and develop a water damage restoration plan for the structure. This plan is usually in partnership with your insurance company. As a homeowner, you’re allowed by law to select the water removal contractor of your choice.

Once all wet materials are dry, demoed, or cleaned, the structure begins a reconstruction phase. Water damaged drywall, insulation, and electrical are replaced. Floors are replaced. The cleaning of carpets, rugs, and other fabrics is carried out. Deodorizing and moisture control may also take place concurrently. In all cases, the FCS Restoration team will attempt to salvage and preserve as much of the original fixtures as possible. This will save you money!

Return Home Faster

Why FCS Restoration?

FCS Restoration provides homeowners total property recovery and project management from start of finish. Insurance claims are processed fast and while providing homeowners high quality water damage restoration. FCS Restoration is a division of FCS, Inc., which includes FCS Janitorial Services and FCS Industrial Solutions. FCS, Inc. is a licensed, insured, Avetta Certified, and an ISNetworld Certified building service contractor. We use Xactimate for all estimates to insurance providers. FCS, Inc. is a VA Class A Contractor, #2705167209. For immediate service with emergency restoration, please call the FCS Restoration team at 434-960-2846 or connect 24/7 with our Request Service form.