Water Extraction

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Emergency Restoration Response

Often water disasters don’t involve enough water to completely flood a structure, but just enough water to get under floorboards and soak carpets. Structures in this state are dank and still subject to mold and mildew development. Water extraction uses a combination of technologies and methods to remove this moisture without harming the floors, the carpets, or involving serious renovation. FCS Restoration provides water extraction services capable of removing water without causing additional damage.

Interior Water Removal

FCS Restoration has access to a range of tools for water removal projects. They include the basic bucket and mop, powerful wet/dry vacuums, industrial fans, and high tech suction pads. As an experienced water extraction team, FCS Restoration will arrive as soon as possible to assess the project, develop a plan, and begin water removal. The sooner this process is started, the less chance mold and mildew will develop.


Water filled ditches and drains can prevent easy access to a clog. FCS Restoration has access to industrial pumps and vacuum trucks. Our vacuum trucks are capable of removing water and anything else that is preventing the water drainage. FCS Restoration can tackle any water extraction needs.

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Working with Insruance

Depending on the amount of water damage and the homeowner’s deductible, minor water damage might be covered by a homeowner’s insurance policy. FCS Restoration will work with the insurance company to ensure a proper and timely recovery. FCS homeowners return home faster, too. FCS Restoration is financially strong enough to carry the construction costs until all work is completed and submitted for final payment.

For more extensive water removal services, visit our Water Damage Restoration (link) page.

Water Works

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FCS Restoration provides homeowners total property recovery and project management from start of finish. Insurance claims are processed fast and while providing homeowners water extraction services. FCS Restoration is a division of FCS, Inc., which includes FCS Janitorial Services and FCS Industrial Solutions. FCS, Inc. is a licensed, insured, Avetta Certified, and an ISNetworld Certified building service contractor. We use Xactimate for all estimates to insurance providers. FCS, Inc. is a VA Class A Contractor, #2705167209. For immediate service with emergency restoration, please call the FCS Restoration team at 434-960-2846 or connect 24/7 with our Request Service (link) form.